Thing 2. Two down, 21 to go!

Two down, 21 to go! I am participating in Rudaí 23, an online, self-directed course based on the 23 Things format and originally designed by Helen Blowers in 2006. When Rudaí 23 ran back in 2014 I was impressed at the breath of topics covered but had missed the boat on the start date,. Three years later I have set aside time and signed up. I am approaching blogging and Rudaí 23 from the perspective of a busy, mid-career health information specialist.

While I have worked in health libraries for most of my professional life, my roles have varied considerably. However health and science have been at the core of my work always. So much so that I returned to education to study for an MSc in Health Services Research some years ago. I currently work in an embedded-librarian role with a team of health research professionals producing a range of evidence-based products to inform Irish health policy.

Today at work I am undertaking data extraction with my colleagues (and keeping an eye on the #GESummit17 tweets from the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town, South Africa). Data extraction is a slow process, and frequently a challenge. And certainly not what I thought I would be doing all those years ago when I started on my MLIS. At the heart of this work is the Research Methods module of the of the MLIS, which has become the cornerstone of most of my work – something I think most health information professionals will agree with.

My blogging interests reflect my work: evidence-based healthcare and systematic reviews, rapid reviews and new review types, advanced searching methods, librarians facilitating open access and open data and librarians as essential components of the team in the research cycle. But I am also taking on the perspective of library user – Joe Public! I am a regular at my local public library and have been making great use of the Borrowbox App to borrow ebooks and audio books for my commute. I see my local library as an essential component of my community and I am interested to understand the public library and public librarians’ roles in facilitating literacy, community, digital life and digital health.

So here goes! I’m not sure that blogging and writing are my strengths, but I am willing to take a chance and step out of my comfort zone for a while and see where it takes me 🙂